School of Cucumber

On Wednesday 1st March, WiFi Nigel and Cucumber WiFi are bringing you a fantastic, intensive one-day course. We’ll be taking a vendor neutral approach to boost your WiFi knowledge so that you can build, optimize and troubleshoot a more successful wireless network. The knowledge you’ll gain will truly help you realize the full potential of the investment you’ve made in your valuable WiFi network.

Who Is This Course For?

Everyone!!! Yeah, well I would say that…wouldn’t I? 😉 Seriously, consider coming along if you’re:

  • A busy network admin who never quite gets the time to understand how your WiFi network actually works or how you might improve its performance
  • A network engineer or consultant who has to support and install WiFi networks but needs to understand how to get the best from their network
  • An existing Cucumber Tony customer or partner who would like to understand how to deploy and optimize their WiFi network
  • A newcomer to WiFi networking who would like to get an easy-to-digest, one-day tech experience to propel you on your learning journey

Whether you have a rudimentary knowledge of WiFi networking or simply wish to learn the technology from scratch, this one-day technical workshop that will jump-start or boost your skills to enable you to more effectively deploy, support and troubleshoot WiFi networks.

What Will You Learn?

During this one-day WiFi-fest, we’ll be looking at:

  • What is a WiFI Network?
    • There are many “wireless” technologies available for various communications applications, but what makes a WiFi network “WiFi”?
  • WiFi Components & Technology
    • We’ll take a look at various WiFi network components including Access points, wireless clients, wireless controllers, wireless management, together with WiFi terminology and topologies
  • Radio Frequency Theory
    • A solid understanding of radio frequency theory is crucial in getting the best from your WiFi network. We’ll take a look at RF signals, the RF spectrum, RF concepts & behaviours, antennas and RF measurements
  • WiFi Bands & Channels
    • Understanding the RF spectrum and standards used for WiFi networking will help you to optimize your WiFi network performance. We’ll take a look at the 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands, channel planning, the 802.11 standard and amendments, AP power levels, network interference, unlicensed spectrum and understanding WiFi device throughput speeds
  • Installation Best Practices
    • A solid understanding of WiFi theory and technology are critical to get the best from a WiFi network, but how should we design and deploy a WiFi network? We take a look at optimum Access Point installation, “Bad-Fi” (how not to deploy WiFi), RF design & surveying, channel planning and powering wireless Access Points.
  • Troubleshooting WiFi
    • When things aren’t going well on your WiFi network, how can you troubleshoot & fix user issues? We’ll take a look at the tools and methods you can use to troubleshoot WiFi issues

Why Should You Attend?

This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself for a day in WiFi technology to gain a deeper understanding of the technology, terminology, deployment and design best practices. Through a mix of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions you will get a fast-track, detailed WiFi experience.

Will It Be Fun?

You betcha! This will be a fast paced, interactive course with plenty of opportunities to both learn the theory and get your hands on some real WiFi kit. The course includes practical exercises which will include building a WiFi network using the Cucumber Tony management platform.

Where Do I Sign-Up?

You can sign-up using the link below, but hurry, as places are limited to just 10 delegates, as we want to make sure you get a great WiFi-tastic experience!

(Pssst…you can save a whopping 25% of the cost of the course using the discount code: WIFINIGEL25, but hurry, as it expires 10th February 2017)