WLAN Certifications

A great way of adding to your wireless LAN knowledge is to study for a WLAN certification.

There are plenty of vendor specific certifications that you can choose from, but they all tend to be very light on fundamental WLAN theory. This means that although you get to understand how to configure a particular vendor’s equipment, you don’t necessarily understand all of the underlying concepts around RF and WLAN theory (which you need to know!).

My recommendation is to take a look initially at the CWNP certifications. These are a series of vendor neutral certifications that provide a thorough coverage of WLAN theory. Having this knowledge will ensure that you are far more competent in understanding the correct way to deploy and configure vendor equipment if you choose to undertake vendor certifications at a later date.

As a beginner, you are likely to be interested in one of the following CWNP certifications:

The CWT certification is a great place to start as a WLAN beginner. You can self-study using the CWT study guide, or find official online and classroom training on the CWNP web site. It provides an excellent introduction to WLAN technology and provides you with an initial step on the certification ladder.

If you’re quite comfortable with WLAN basic theory, you might like to take a look at the next step in the CWNP program, which is the CWNA certification. Again, self-study, online and classroom study options are available. But, be warned, this is no easy exam to complete. Once you achieve this certification, you will have acquired a significant level of knowledge about WLANs to help you to being well on your way to look at expert level certifications.