Wi-Fi For Beginners Podcast

Welcome to the Wi-Fi For Beginners Podcast!

In this series of podcasts, we take a look at the basics of Wi-Fi networking theory to help you to improve your network engineering wireless skills.

In this series we explore topics such as:

  • What exactly is a Wi-Fi network?
  • How do RF signals behave in a wireless network?
  • How can I design a better Wi-Fi network?
  • What are the component parts of a Wi-Fi network and how do they operate?

This series will walk you through 6 modules of study across 21 podcast episodes that you can perhaps listen to on your commute, flight or car journey. The series has been designed to listened to with minimal reference to written material, though an accompanying set of slides are occasionally referenced during the podcast – you can access the slides here: Slide Link

To subscribe to the podcast to get all episodes, you can find all episodes posted on iTunes, or you can subscribe with your podcast app using this RSS link.

Alternatively, start listening right now by checking out episode 1 here: Episode One – What is Wi-Fi?